Restaurant „Dwór Kukuczka”is located on the main road connecting Istebna with Koniaków and Jaworzynka. We have built this restaurant for everyone who appreciates great cuisine based on natural ingredients, goods from the region (lamb, cheese, local sausages), where it is located, but also for people who want to organize various events. At the beginning of the design, we decided that our restaurant will always be open to guests, therefore the facility has two halls, one of them is connected with a mezzanine where desserts and cakes are prepared in their own confectionery kitchen. In the main hall with a mezzanine we are able to organize an event for up to 200 people. The second room is an ideal place to organizing an event for 160 guests, in the Hall has been installed professional sound system, prepared by specialists. Ceilings between halls are soundproofed to increase the comfort of guests.

On each floor there are kitchens connected by three lifts which accelerates and facilitates the work of waiters and chefs. We have also not forgotten about the comfort of our guests, who will be able to move through a six-passenger lift between the floors.

Our restaurant is a child-friendly place, your children have at their disposal play rooms with an area of 50m ^ 2, and a playground at the back of the restaurant.